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the only private observatory in Indonesia

Our Observatory

Step into the exclusive realm of our private observatory, a unique gem nestled in Indonesia's celestial landscape. Crafted from antique teakwood, echoing the rustic elegance of our bungalows, it boasts two retractable roofs and houses complete Astrophotographic setups. Whether you're an experienced astronomer or a novice enthusiast, our observatory welcomes all, offering supervised or independent exploration of the cosmos. For those craving more detailed insights, delve into the specifics of our observatory designed for the real astronomer.

  1. 10 inch (25cm) Orion Optics UK Carbon Tube Newton telescope, F/5.
  2. William Optics FLT 132 mm refractor, F/7 or F/5.6 with reducer.
  3. William Optics 51 mm F/4.9 ‘’Redcat’’ telescope.
  4. Explore Scientific 12 inch (30cm) Dobson telescope, F/5.
  5. Dieter Martini 18 inch (45cm) Dobson telescope, F/4.5.
  1. 10 Micron GM1000HPS equatorial mount.
  2. Losmandy G-11 equatorial mount with Gemini 2.
  3. 2 Pegasus Powerbox.
  4. 2 digital focusers ZWO and Pegasus.
  5. Skywatcher Star Adventurer. 
  6. QHY268 C camera.
  7. ZWO 294 MC pro camera.
  8. ZWO 533 MC pro camera.
  9. Moravian C3-26000 C camera.
  10. Coma corrector, field flateners, about 25 oculars.
  11. 2 Canon 450 D camera (one modified, one original).
  12. 3 lenses for Canon camera’s.
  13. Bahtinov masks.
  14. 2 mini computers (on the 2 photo-setups).
  15. ZWO ASI Air.
Our Observatory Experience

A wide variety of options

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos with our observatory experiences. Join us for enchanting stargazing evenings, immersive astrology workshops, or indulge in private observatory sessions tailored to your expertise. Let the wonders of the universe ignite your curiosity and awe.

Stargazing Evenings

2 hours
Starts from Rp.
900.000Per person

Lose yourself in the brilliance of the night sky during our mesmerizing stargazing evenings. Embark on a journey through constellations, planets, and beyond, guided by our knowledgeable astronomers. Alone or with other guests. 


*As the group becomes larger, the price may be lower.

Astrology Workshops

3 hours
Starts from Rp.
900.000Per person

Delve into the depths of celestial knowledge with our engaging astrology workshops. From the movements of celestial bodies to the significance of constellations, expand your understanding of the cosmos in an interactive setting.


*As the group becomes larger, the price may be lower.

Private Observatory Use

Starts from Rp.
900.000Per person

For those well-versed in the language of the stars, our private observatory sessions offer exclusive access to advanced equipment and expert guidance. Explore the heavens at your own pace, charting your course through the celestial wonders above.


*As the group becomes larger, the price may be lower.

our facilities

Facilities & Amenities: Elevating Your Stay with Every Comfort

Journey into the celestial realm at our observatory

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